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The Secret Life of Pandas

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

A couple days ago, I was chilling on Instagram when I came across Sakumomo, a friendly looking Panda.

Curious (Read: Obsessed) about them, I started scouring IG for the cutest Pandas I could find.

This led me down a Rabbit (Panda?) hole into the world of Instagram Pandas.

Turns out, there’s well over 9.8 Million posts of Pandas running around, and obviously a following dedicated enough for that to be a thing.

9.8 Million posts; what kind of idiots spend that much time stalking internet pandas anyways?

Okay, so maybe they aren’t idiots.

But the facts stand, Pandas are in, because of everything from their horrible eating habits, sleeping habits, and general disregard about life.

Yup, still talking about the Pandas.

Anyways, if a smart, ambitious dude like myself was spending most of his day forming soul connections with internet Pandas, I figured lots of others were too.

So I put two and two together then started my own Panda Page, to educate myself on marketing and gaining an audience.

Read: Absolutely nothing to do with my Panda obsession.

Stay tuned for Panda-related updates and lessons I learn as a Panda Connoisseur.

(Wait, no, not like that.)

*If you read this far, you’ve earned yourself a special reward*

And this is going to disappoint you, but it isn’t a date with me.

You do, however, get the IG handle of my Panda Account: pandamic11.

I hope you love them as much as I do and find your own soulmate in the form of an internet Panda you’ll never meet.

(Except Sakumomo, she’s mine 😤)

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