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The National Copywriting Association (NCA) Finals

“Wait, where am I?” you ask yourself.

“Tonight, we have the LA-Listers playing the Guru State Warriors,” blares a voice from the Announcers’ table.

We have Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Joe Karbo, and Ben Settle on the LA-Listers side.

Starring for the Guru State Warriors, we have Daniel Throssell, Chris Orzechowski, John Mcintyre, and you.

Confused… You enter the court, onto what seems like a basketball game?

“You better Make It Rain,” nudges an angry Chris Orzechowski.

The two teams gather at center court as the game clock starts.

Ben Settle tips the jump ball back to Gary Halbert, who whips it to an eager David Oglivy speeding down the court.

The towering Oglivy catches the pass, drives to the hole, and…

Pump fakes?

Then for some inexplicable reason, pump fakes some more?

“Never stop testing,” Ogilvy mutters to himself.

The stunned crowd has no idea what to make of the advertising legend.

Taking advantage of the confusion, you quickly swipe the ball from him and speed down the court for what seems like an easy layup when…


“Another GOO-ROO Fanboy thinks they can swipe and leave unscathed,” a smug Ben Settle chuckles.

And with that, he whips an outlet pass to a grinning Joe Karbo waiting at the other basket.

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Points,” he snickers to himself and slams it in for two.

“And THAT’s how you make maximum buckets in minimum time,” taunts Gary Halbert.

“Technical foul, you’re outta the game!”

A stunned Gary Halbert is quickly whisked off the floor by a pair of rather burly scientists with the letter B stitched onto the back of their uniforms.

*Substitution - LA-Listers*

In comes a fresh-faced kid with a determined look on his face.

You get distracted by his good looks and even better beard, but you quickly snap yourself back to attention.

“Damn, who’s that guy?”

“That bloke? The LA-Listers signed him a couple of days ago; he’s Mayuran Sabesan,” answers Daniel Throssell.

With the ball in again, Daniel Throssell quickly zooms up the court.

But he’s met at the three-point line by Mayuran.

“G’day, mate!” Daniel Throssell smirks and drives past him using his ECC (Email Copywriting Crossover).

But to Daniel’s shock, Mayu steals the ball from him and is off to the races with it.

“Rule #24 doesn’t work on me,” laughs a grinning Mayuran.

The crowd is eager with anticipation as Mayuran storms up the court, and… pulls out a joke book?

“What’s a pirate’s favorite shot?” he asks a confused John McIntyre.

“A Sky-Hook!” And with that Mayuran launches his own straight through the net.

Both the LA-Listers and Guru State Warriors have no idea what to make of this stunning turn of events.

Who’d think to crack a joke in the middle of a heated copywriting battle?

What beard oil does he use?

And most importantly,

How do we learn to be like him?

Eager to find out more about this Mayu character, they all rush to his daily emails at

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